South Island Gallery / Whitewater / 2008-01 West Coast Heliboating / Perth  

We paddled the Perth at a fairly low flow from Scone Hut. The scenery and paddling are amazing, only 3 portages and a couple of chicken chutes at this flow. 11 hour day though! We didn't get to the lower run until 6.15pm.
 Cool Mountains behind the Perth at Scone Hut
 Steep rapids on the Perth
 The portage around Pinballs--much nicer than the rapid
 Pinball portage
 West Coast 001
 West Coast 004
 West Coast 007
 West Coast 008
 West Coast 011
 West Coast 013
 West Coast 014
 West Coast 021
 West Coast 023 Searching for a line through Pinballs
 West Coast 026
 West Coast 027
 West Coast 028
 West Coast 029
 West Coast 030
 West Coast 037
 West Coast 044 Cool Gorge on the Perth
 West Coast 045
 West Coast 047
 West Coast 048
 West Coast 049
 West Coast 050
 West Coast 051
 West Coast 052

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