South Island Gallery / Climbing / 2013-09 Arapiles  

Hil and Tom and Dad and Bug went to Arapiles, it was awesome!
 Climbing on Mitre
 Fat tailed lizard
 It wasn't raining all of the time
 Dad drove the Great Ocean Road while I was at a conference
 IMG 0221
 Koalas in the wild!
 IMG 0235
 IMG 0238
 IMG 0241
 Back at Arapiles
 IMG 0265
 IMG 0266
 IMG 0269
 Hil on Exodus
 IMG 0285
 IMG 0292
 Tom climbing on Mitre
 Echidnas (spotted from the belay ledge)
 IMG 0306
 Tom trying to climb Little Thor when it was too windy to climb on the main crags
 Dad at Bundeleer in the Grampians
 It was too cold and wet in the Grampians to we headed for Arapiles
 IMG 3350
 IMG 3357
 Hil recites a poem to the crag
 Ab off the pinnacle on Tiptoe ridge
 IMG 3365
 IMG 3369
 Looking down Tiptoe ridge
 IMG 3375
 IMG 3379
 Bug's first trad lead--first pitch of Falcon
 Tiptoe ridge
 Bug on Siren
 IMG 3400
 Hil on Siren
 IMG 3407
 Tom on Oceanoid
 Dad on Pitch 2 of Oceanoid
 Hil says the gap was bigger than it looks here, on Spiral Staircase
 Descent off the Pharos
 IMG 3434
 Botterill Splits on Death Row
 Dad climbing over the crux on Death row
 IMG 3449
 Almost finished in the light--thanks Hil for going to get the headlights
 Hil off-route
 Hil on-route
 IMG 3478
 IMG 3488
 IMG 3489
 View from the tent--5 pitches bottom-to-top

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