South Island Gallery / Whitewater / 2015-10 South of the South island  

Paul and I headed south for a week kayaking on the Waikaia (18 cumecs), Cleddau x 2 (medium after about 50mm rain), Tutoko, Arthur, Marian creek section of the Hollyford, Citroen x 2 and Dogleg. All good medium flows. Also went for a final ski of the season at Remarks.
 P1070189 Paul on the cave drop on the Waikaia
 P1070197 Big drop on the Waikaia
 P1070204 Nice big water feel on the Arthur
 P1070208 Evening run down Marian Creek section on the Hollyford, new run for me, best WW on the Hollyford
 P1070210 Skiing Remarks with Paul and Yan
 P1070218 Lake Alta couloir, steeper than it looks
 P1070230 The skifield shut a week ago, definitely the end of the season

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