South Island Gallery / Whitewater / 2015-03 Whataroa and Carew Creek canyoning  

Paddling the Whataroa with Denzil, Nacho, Josh, Andre, Matt and Kerry. Great day on the river even at a low flow, a little more would clean up many of the drops though. 33 cumecs on the Hokitika gauge, about 40 on the Whataroa gauge (isn't working at the moment). On Sunday Andre, Mat, Nacho and I canyoned Carew Creek, awesome day out when there's no water in the rivers!
 P1060110 Start of the portals portage, river drops into a super-obvious schist gorge
 P1060112 Top of the Portals gorge
 P1060116 Portals from above
 P1060120 Chilling out below the portals
 P1060133 Carew creek canyoning

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