South Island Gallery / Whitewater / 2015-01 West Coast  

A few days' boating in Canterbury and the West coast with Rich, Ida, Paul, Andy, Phil, James, Marcus and Andy. Photos by Tom and Rich. Rivers: Rangitata (95 cumecs), Kakapotahi (too low, 84 on the Hokitika gauge), Arahura (Low, 80 on the Hoki gauge), Whitcombe (75, awesome medium flow), climbing Mt Cassidy and Blimit in Arthur's pass, and the Hurunui (22).
 P1010459 Rangitata gorge
 P1010559 First rapid in the new B2
 P1010592 Kakapotahi, some good lines even though it was a bit too low
 P1010666 Arahura shuttle
 P1010675 Phil on the portage in the upper Arahura, I paddled off here last time
 P1010740 Run-out from Billiards
 P1010757 Cesspit
 P1010790 Whitcombe
 P1010793 Testing out the new boat
 P1010858 Putting everyone else off running it the first time (wasn't so hard really)
 P1010866 Putting everyone else off running it the second time (didn't even roll this time)
 P1010935 Mt Cassidy, big pile of choss
 P1010936 Lots more choss

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