South Island Gallery / Whitewater / 2013-10 South of the South island road trip  

A week skiing and boating down south with Paul and Dave and Mathieu. Five awesome new rivers for me: Cleddau x 2 (in Milford sound, trip highlight), Monkey Creek and Falls Creek x 2 on the Hollyford, Waikaia (full of trees at the moment, still a good run at 14 cumecs though), Shotover x 2, good run at 46 cumecs, Wilkin (nice heli run near Makarora), Turnbull, plus the best skiing of the year in the Remarkables.
 P1040065 Paul on the Cleddau
 P1040067 Rikki on the Cleddau
 P1040069 Monkey creek on the Hollyford
 P1040073 Up to the road for portages on the Monkey creek section
 P1040082 Great weather for a pin + swim!
 P1040084 One of the bigger rapids we didn't run this time
 P1040093 Tom at the last rapid of the Monkey creek section
 P1040102 Undercut drop on the Falls creek sectino
 P1040108 Skiing Cardrona
 P1040122 Below tunnel rapid on the Waikaia, full of trees unfortunately
 P1040125 Paul on the big drop in the Waikaia
 P1040139 Stopping to re-tie boats on Skipper's canyon road
 P1040141 Wilkin--would have been awesome but they didn't fit so we had to heli
 P1040145 Mathieu on the Wilkin--first proper rapid after portaging the underground sections
 P1040189 Mathieu on the final rapid of the Wilkin--awesome run
 P1040198 Final river--Turnbull at a good medium flow

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