South Island Gallery / Whitewater / 2013-10 Good spring flows in Canterbury  

Okuku at a low 20 cumecs, Rangitata x 3 at an awesome 305 cumecs, Hurunui x 3 at a good play flow of 150 and Lyttleton harbour. Paddlers: Kerry, Ben, Paul, Paul, Nick and Hil.
 P1040012 Low-flow Okuku
 P1040027 Fighting up the Rangitata at 305 cumecs
 P1040030 Portaging upstream
 P1040039 Paul on Rooster tail on the Rangitata
 P1040045 Lyttleton harbour with Hil
 P1040049 Flooded South branch joining the Hurunui
 P1040051 Gully put-on at 150 cumecs--upper washes out but good playing in the gully

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