South Island Gallery / Whitewater / 2012-11 Ngakawau and Oparara  

The Oparara at an awesome flow, and the Ngakawau. The Oparara is one of NZ's best rivers!! Photos by Kerry and me.
 01 Tom on the Oparara, near Karamea
 02 A few tree-choked rapids in the limestone section
 09 Awesome limestone gorges, manky rapids though
 11 Oparara portaging
 12 Awesome rapids once the limestone ends near Fenian creek
 15 Best rapid on the river, choice of awesome clean lines
 NZ manky rapids on the Ngakawau
 Kerry on the walk-in
 This is quite a high flow
 Mangatini Falls--the beginners all asked why Kerry didn't run it
 The bottom km is tidal, but you can walk up 15 mins and gauge the flow here--brown=quite high
 next day on the Oparara, amazing limestone arch
 Limestone rapids are very manky though, quite lot of walking in the first 6km
 Eventually the rapids turn to granite
 More limestone
 The lower has 3km of continuous 4-5, awesome paddling, big holes, clean lines--this is one of the best rapids

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