South Island Gallery / Whitewater / 2012-06 Kakapotahi flood  

We went to the Kakapotahi as the Totara was still too low. It an awesome grade 4-4+ run as these flows, especially when chase-boating... Also photos from retrieving boats the next day.
 Arthur and Andre at the Kakapotahi put-in
 It had come up a bit, but everyone seemed keen to paddle
 Lake above the gorge--no problem with washed-out eddies!
 Entrance to the gorge--compare with photo 10
 Looking not-too-far down into the gorge (big hole where the rapid usually is though)
 There isn't usually much of a creek here
 Portage-track creek
 Stu repairing his boat with the heat of the exhaust--we think it got wedged in a gap
 Next day, entrance to the gorge
 Arthur paddling Stu's boat to where the others had stashed their boats the previous day
 Tie on a deck and push it down
 2nd of 4 pins on the last few rapids
 Another pin
 Blue skies for the float down to the bridge

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