South Island Gallery / Whitewater / 2012-01 Moeraki and Macfarlane river  

Boating in South Westland--Macfarlane river and Moeraki. The Macfarlane is steeep with some epic portages. A few nice drops too but not really a classic. Good adventure though :) Paddlers: Kerry, Ari, B-rain, Andy, Paul, me. Photos: me and Kerry.
 Another nice rapid (!) in the final gorge, with some pushy holes on the lead in
 End of the world rapid, Landsborough is in sight far below
 Andy on one of the first rapids on the Moeraki (nice run after rain)
 Kerry on the first big rapid
 Kerry on an awesome long rapid on the Moeraki
 Paddle hook
 More effective paddle hook
 Ari on Moeraki
 Paul on Moeraki
 Kerry lining up for the portage
 Ari and B-rain on the Moeraki
 Concurrent boat repairs--4 cracks in 3 boats and we haven't even got to the Macfarlane yet!
 Ari on a nice creeky rapid on the Macfarlane
 Cool gorges made up of MASSIVE boulders
 Ari ending another portage, I'm already out for the next one
 Back in the bush for some more portaging
 Time to set up camp, even managed to get a fire going in the rain!
 Looked pretty steep from the heli, hope we've enough food!
 Nice entry rapid on the final gorge
 Not the best sign when you can see the sieves from Google earth
 Top section of the Macfarlane

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