South Island Gallery / Whitewater / 2011-2 Mungo and Hokitika  

2-day Hoki from Poet hut--Awesome, best river in NZ!! 1st gorge entrance rapid was tree-choked, so portaged on path high on river right, down to new bridge. I think we missed the best section of the Mungo, but still an awesome river.
 Owen on the Mungo
 Trying to find a route back to the river after porgating 1st gorge--trees in entrance
 More Hokitika mini-gorges
 Entrance rapid to Frisco Canyon
 Dando left our kit on a very small island
 Yes of it did go floating off towards a syphon
 Viagara falls working again--Antoine
 Owen on Viagara
 New sievy mank at the final gorge entrance
 Gates of Argonath

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