South Island Gallery / Whitewater / 2011-10 Grey river  

Kerry and I went to check out the Grey river, Christchurch's most local G4-5 run. We walked in from Okuku pass (where there is a locked gate on the forestry road). Scout road is not signed accurately and is overgrown with pine trees, but is still passable. Nice run until I swum in a sticky hole at the bottom of one of the biggest rapids, lost Kerry's boat, then had to walk out. Will be back to finish it...

The river is tree-choked to just past the first big confluence (approx. 603270 on the map). There's a G3 section then G4 to where it eases off near where the track crosses (612254). The G4-G5 section starts approx 611250, for about 1km.

There was 120mm rain/snow immediately before we got on at Okuku Fox gauge. Okuku hit 150 cumecs. Flow was approx. 20 cumecs at Mt Grey road (locked gate here too, but access from behing Amberly is possible).

 All went wrong from here!
 Sleet and gales on the walk-in
 Scout road's a bit overgrown
 Kerry on an early rapid after the tree-choked section
 Tom on the Grey -- start of double S-bend rapid
 Tom on the Grey 2
 Tom on the Grey

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