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Awesome January trip to Hokitika, with 10 days boating on the Kakapotahi, Totara, Styx, Red Granite Creek, Taipo, Arahura, Crooked, 2-day Perth and Scone Creek. Last 7 days all at awesome high flows.

RGC flows into the Mikonui near the top of the Totara road--gauge the flow at the confluence (higher would be better), then from there there's a blazed trail up the river right bank, climb to the top, follow the ridge S for 500m, descend SW when the gradient eases a bit, into a small trib. Walk out when the gradient really picks up!

 Glen on the Totara
 Retro moves on the Kakapotahi
 Glen on Upper Kakapotahi
 River crossing on walk-in to Styx, masive flow
 This is normally the path
 Aussie Andrew on the Styx, normally the last grade 4 rapid
 Red Granite Creek, Bug on the first drop
 Bug runs the big portage-drop
 200m per km continuous waterfalls, 500m per km below the take-out
 V sketchy seal-launch into a 10m slide into a 3m autoboof kicker
 Bug on the Mikonui with the last drop in the background (walk that section)
 Bug and Barry (bank-support) back at the car
 Awesome shades on the Taipo
 Taipo gorges
 Showcase, not today
 Glen below showcase
 Good high flow for Taipo, wouldn't want much less (was grey and pumping at take-out)
 Chris on 3rd Gorge, Arahura
 Valentin on the remains of Curtain Call, but Dent falls is good to go again (small eddie to put in below sieve-hole)
 Freddy on Arahura
 Good place to roll
 Quick run up the Crooked
 Bent and Twisted
 Bug on Bent and Twisted
 Changes in the rapid below B&T
 Upper Perth mank, some awesome rapids in there too though
 Playful hole
 More sievey mank on the Perth, the rapids I didn't photo were awesome though
 Nice rapids on the normal Perth
 B-rain on Perth
 Short run part-way up Scone Creek (still plenty of portaging)
 Bug in amongst Scone Creek boulders
 Aurelienien on Knucklegrinder
 Scone Creek--classic West Coast boulder gardens
 Yes it goes

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