South Island Gallery / Whitewater / 2010-12 Rangitata, Styx, Blackball, Toaroha, 9 Mile Slide  

A few random photos, and photos of an awesome three-day high-water trip to the coast. Warm-up for new year!
 Mid-week Rangitata trip
 Rangitata gorge chase-boat team. Still waiting to see helmet cam footage
 Wading up to Toaroha waterfall, high flows
 Bug loving hour 2 of the walk-in
 Waterfall looks even gnarlier when overexposed
 Quite a lot of towback, we didn't run it
 Henry on the Toaroha
 Henry on Blackball creek, medium flows, second landslide rapid
 Henry+boat back in action on nine mile slide
 Bug getting up-to-speed on Nine Mile Slide
 Over the kicker
 Just missed catching Bug mid-air at the bottom
 Styx at much better flow!!
 Back on the Toaroha for another high-water run

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