South Island Gallery / Whitewater / 2010-12 Clarence  

It was too wet for tramping this xmas so Hil agreed to go paddling, as long as it was low volume and easy, so we did the Clarence. Initially it was low volume grade 2-3 but on the night of day 3 the river rose 3m in a few minutes, flooding out tent! Trip report...
 Starting on the Clarence at Jack's Pass, nice low volume easy rapids
 Small weir
 First campsite near the Acheron confluence
 First gorge
 Battling headwinds on day 2
 Enjoying the drybag full of assorted xmas leftovers
 Campsite on Day 2, light rain in the night
 Catching up with some rafts
 The flow is still low but some muddy side streams coloured the water
 Long walk back to the river after the flash flood--our first camp was under the big tree
 High flows 36 hours after the flood peak
 Massive gorge walls in places
 Final camp
 Out to the wide braided section down to the sea
 Still a few big rapids and high flows right-to the end

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