South Island Gallery / Whitewater / 2010-05 Okuku and Ashley  

On the Okuku at last. Awesome river, best in Canterbury! 1 1/2 hours shuttle each way via Lees Valley (other side was washed out when we tried to go that way on Thursday).
 03 Okuku Pass Road - Tom on impassable ford
 04 gearing up for the Okuku
 05 Okuku Pass Road via Lees Valley
 07 Okuku River - Tom Botterill
 09 Okuku River - paddlers on day 1
 Kerry on the Ashley, after failing to get up the Okuku direct road (washed-out ford)
 2 days later we got to the Okuku
 Cheers for driving Kerry!
 Snow just melting in time
 Bug again
 Steve again
 All goes downhill from here
 1st chase-boater is off
 Same rapid, day after

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