South Island Gallery / Whitewater / 2008-06 Murchison in flood  

James and Tom went to the West Coast. First stop was Kellys Creek, a trib of the Otira. We walked up to the gorge exit rapids, will be back to inspect the rest of the gorge sometime and hopefully run some more. From the gorge down is steep gd 4 for about 300m, then rocky gd 3. More water might make it worth carrying around the gorge and running the upstream sectin too.

There wasn't much water anywhere else, but we heard there was more up north so headed to Blackball Creek. Unfortunately it was huge, even bigger than last time we were there so we headed up to Murchison, where everything was at great levels. Did the Matakitaki twice, the Matiri, the Glenroy, the Granity and Earthquake sections on the Buller, and Maruia falls at last.

 James at the entrance to the gorge on Kellys Creek--steep and rocky like the Styx
 Falls on Kellys Creek
 Gorge on Kellys Creek, probably goes but needs a canyoning trip first
 Tom on exit falls
 Rex on the Matiri
 James on the Glenroy
 Second big rapid on the Glenroy
 Maruia Falls
 Snow on Lewis Pass tops
 Tom on Maruia falls--highest I've run. Didn't fancy huge boils at the bottom of the main fall

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