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We had a wonderful 7-day tramp in South Westland. Our route was Paringa river - Otoko river to headwaters - Solution Range - Marks Flat - Saddle Creek - Clarke River - Upper Zeilian Creek - Moeraki river. Under blue skies we tramped long days and enjoyed mostly good travel through the bush, following deer trails in many places. The middle part of the tramp is in the Hooker-Landsborough wilderness area so there are no huts or tracks. It was beautiful, remote country and really worth the trip to visit Marks Flat.
 Kerry gives us a lift to the start of the tramp
 Flats in the Paringa valley
 IMG 2203
 Climbing a grass bank in the Otoko
 Crossing a side stream in the Otoko
 Tom checking the paddling potential
 Still in the Otoko
 Unpaddleable waterfalls
 Second campsite near Harker Torrent high in the Otoko
 Campsite views
 Otoko lake at the head of the valley
 Otoko lake
 Otoko lake
 On top of the Solution range near Mt Gow, views of Otoko Glacier
 View of Mt Hooker
 View along Solution range
 View from the Solution Range
 First glimpse of Marks Flat
 Tom looking down to Marks Flat
 View back to lower Otoko pass, glad we didnt come that way
 Spot the deer
 Reaching Marks Flat in the evening light
 Walking across to the bivvy rock
 Tom cooking under the bivvy rock at Marks Flat
 Peaceful evening views of the scrub we descended
 Mt Hooker from the Saddle as we leave Marks Flat
 Amazing schist formations in Saddle Creek
 Finally we emerge from Saddle Creek (right)
 View down the Clarke
 View back to the Clark gorges after a monster climb to the Zeilian tops
 Looking down the Clarke and Landsborough rivers
 Nice scrambling on the Zeilian tops
 View into Upper Zeilian creek
 View along Zeilian tops
 Campsite on the descent into Zeilian creek, very springy
 Slow travel in Zeilian Creek
 Rock hopping in Zeilian Creek
 Lunch at the head of Zeilian Creek
 Back to civilisation in the well kept Middle Head Hut in the Moeraki
 Otoko map

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