South Island Gallery / Tramping / 2011-11 Crooked River and Lake Morgan Tops  

 Lunch as we head up the Crooked River
 Boulder hopping along the Crooked
 IMG 2069
 Joost shows the way
 IMG 2073
 Lots of climbing and descending along the Crooked
 We stayed at Jacko Hut
 Jacko Hut
 Crossing the Crooked at the start of Day 2
 IMG 2081
 A long climb onto the tops
 View back to Top Crooked Hut
 You can still just see the hut
 Climbing up above the bushline
 IMG 2095
 IMG 2097
 Snow on unnamed peak above the Crooked River
 Cassie on the ridge
 Friendly Kea
 IMG 2107
 Summit photo
 Traversing the ridge towards Lake Morgan
 IMG 2113
 Another unnamed summit
 First glimpse of Lake Morgan
 Descent to Lake Morgan
 IMG 2120
 Descending the last gut to Lake Morgan
 IMG 2123
 IMG 2125
 Wishing we were already at the hut
 IMG 2128
 IMG 2130
 Waterfalls at the outlet of Lake Morgan
 Evening light at Lake Morgan Hut
 Lake Morgan Hut
 IMG 2138
 Sunset from Lake Morgan Hut
 IMG 2147
 IMG 2152

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