South Island Gallery / Tramping / 2011-04 Arrowsmiths  

 Setting off to Cameron Hut - Tom, Wei Ying, Sam and Joost
 Views of Cameron Valley
 IMG 1499
 IMG 1504
 IMG 1508
 Can you spot Wei Ying and Sam
 IMG 1518
 IMG 1521
 Interesting unknown bug
 Cameron Hut
 Tom at Cameron Hut
 Wei Ying exploring above Cameron Hut
 Glaciers near Mt Arrowsmith
 Cameron Hut amongst the morianes
 Joost and Tom on Spean saddle
 IMG 1535
 Fantastic scree run into South Ashburton
 IMG 1539
 Top Hut in the head of the South Ashburton
 IMG 1544
 Climbing Stumpy Stream
 Views back to the Arrowsmith ranges
 IMG 1550
 Descending into Potts valley
 View of Potts valley
 Tom and Joost inside Potts Hut
 View back to Potts Hut

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