South Island Gallery / Tramping / 2009-12 Lathrop and Zit Saddle Circuit  

 Yeates Hut above Cedar Flats
 Yeates and the ridge we will climb
 Hil in the cloud on Zit Saddle
 Heading down to the Kokatahi
 View from Top Kokatahi Hut
 Top Kokatahi Hut and Mount Cook Lillies
 Top Kokatahi Hut
 Heading down the Kokatahi
 Tom was looking at the waterfalls
 Guess who took this photo
 Tom crossing the Kokatahi River
 Weird mushroom may be new to science
 Artistic Weird Mushroom
 Tom crossing the cableway
 Crawford Junction
 Crawford Junction Hut
 Tom having fun
 Tom Exploring a Gorge
 Top Crawford Biv
 Crawford Biv - we are heading to the saddle top right
 Hil on Lathrop saddle on Christmas Day
 Lakes on Lathrop Saddle
 Lakes on Lathrop Saddle
 A snowman for Christmas
 Hil and her snowman
 Tom on Lathrop saddle
 Descending down towards the Styx valley
 Tom being impatient
 Hil at Browning Biv
 Whio chicks
 Whio Family
 Whio Family
 View of Cloud Inversions from Croesus Hut
 View from Croesus Hut
 Croesus Hut
 Tom on the Croesus Tops
 View back to Croesus Hut

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