South Island Gallery / Tramping / 2009-06 Lake Man Biv and Doubtful Range  

 Artistic Icy Stream
 Frost on ferns
 Tom and the cold Boyle River that we had just crossed
 Tom looking up the Doubtful Valley
 Horror movie trees
 Doubtful Valley
 Frost flowers
 Hil at Lake Man Biv - Hut with fire exit but DOC has stolen the fireplace!
 A cold night but sunny morning
 Climbing from the biv up to the saddle
 Views towards Sylvia Tops
 Tom on the ridge of the Doubtful Range
 Views up the Hope Valley
 Tom on the ridge
 Hil posing
 Hil with Mt Lakeman behind
 Tom and views of Boyle River
 Tom is king of the castle
 Tom looking towards Hope Valley
 Tom on Mt Murray
 Descending from Mt Murray towards Doubtful Valley again
 More good views
 Taking a break on the descent

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