South Island Gallery / Tramping / 2009-03 Mt Alexander  

 River crossing on the way up camp creek
 Letter box in the bush
 Relaxing by the aga
 Homely hut by camp creek
 Our camp site on the Mt Alexander tops
 Cloud clearing from the alps
 Tom admiring the view
 Hil near the camp site
 Tom looking out across the alps
 Strange views across the Mt Alexander rock garden
 Mt Alexander rock garden
 Campsite with a view
 Tom making Brocken Spectres
 Brocken Spectres
 Artistic rocks
 One man and his tent
 Tarns at sunset
 We woke up to a cloud inversion
 Hil on the top of Mt Alexander shoulder
 Hil with Mt Alexander behind
 Hil on Mt Alexander summit
 Hil on Mt Alexander
 Hil descending the scree shute
 Descending Mt Alexander

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