South Island Gallery / Tramping / 2008-10 Whitcombe - Hokitika - Toaroha Circuit  

We tramped up the Whitcombe, over Frew Saddle to the Hokitika, over to Poet Hut then back out by the Toaroha. Spent the first night under a tent fly in a southerly after failing to make it to Frew Biv, made it to Poet hut on the second day (first people on six months), then Cedar Flats on the third. Awesome tramp but three long hard days.
 Setting of from the Whitcombe road end
 Cableway to Rapid Creek hut
 Hil winding me in
 Rapid Creek
 Colliers Gorge boulders
 Colliers Gorge
 Hil in the boulders
 Bridge over Colliers Gorge
 Scary 2-wire bridges
 Track to Frew Biv
 Steep river to cross
 Fresh snow around our forced-camp
 Hil on Frew Saddle
 Frew Saddle
 Upper Hokitika river
 Summit above Steadman Creek
 Tom on summit
 Descending towards Poet hut
 Descending to Poet hut
 Upper Toaroha
 Toaroha river rapids--very low but looking good
 Steep boulder-sieve rapids
 More boulder sieve mess
 Gorge by Cedar Flats hut
 Mt Steadman Panorama

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