South Island Gallery / Tramping / 2008-03 Tramping and climbing holiday with Ruth and Austin  

We went for a two-week holiday tramping and climbing with Ruth and Austin (over from England). First we did the Three Passes tramp from the Waimak over Harman, Whitehorn and Browning passes to the Styx and Hokitika on the West Coast.

Next we headed down to Mt Aspiring national park and camped on the Cascade Saddle. We failed to climb Mt Liverpool (too many crevasses), then climbed Mt Tyndal the next day.

After a rest day in Wanaka we headed for Queenstown and set off up the Rock Burn, hoping to get to Lake Narine and descend the Route Burn North branch. Unfortunately the rain set in the next morning so we tramped back out and retreated to Dunedin in search of better weather, penguins and sea lions.

 Ruth crossing the White river near Carrington Hut
 Whitehorn Pass
 Descending Whitehorn Pass
 Ruth crossing the river on the way to Park Morpeth hut
 Lake Browning
 Austin at the top of Browning Pass
 Hil looking down towards the Rakaia
 Tomtit in the Leatherwood
 Harman Hut in the Arahura
 Hil crossing the Styx
 Camping on Cascade Saddle
 Perfect weather the next day
 Choosing our route amongst the crevasses on Plunket dome
 Hil and Mt Maori
 Big-boot climbing at the campsite
 Mt Aspiring
 Summit of Tyndal
 Hil near the Rock burn
 Rockburn flats
 Swirly seaweed off Taiaroa Head
 Taiaroa head
 Tom and a pyramid
 Sealion on Victory beach
 Penguin prints!
 Sea lion family
 01 Godley head
 02 On the beach at Sumner
 03 Tramping up the Waimak
 04 Whitehorn pass
 05 Hil on the top of Whitehorn pass
 08 Tom in Park Morpeth Hut
 09 Park Morpeth hut
 13 Moon over Arahura valley
 14 Harmen hut
 16 Grassy flat
 18 Weka at Grassy Flats hut
 19 Kea near Cascade Saddle
 20 Kea
 21 Hil, Tom and Ruth at the Pylon
 22 Aspiring
 25 Mt Tyndal and the cascade
 30 Climbing Plunket dome
 31 Plunket dome summit
 36 Hil and Ruth enjoying the first 300m of the Routeburn
 37 Rockburn bridge
 38 Camping up the Rock burn
 39 Sealion
 40 Sealions charging out of the sea towards me
 41 Bouldering at the Pyramid
 42 Dunedin
 44 Moeraki boulders

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