South Island Gallery / Tramping / 2008-02 Mt Fyffe in the Kaikouras  

We went to climb Mt Fyffe above Kaikoura. Awesome views, and great weather which made our first involuntary night out in the bush almost comfortable! (we were benighted 500m from the hut and couldn't find the path around a gorge). There's some nice photos (including our biv) on Chris's website.
 Chris climbing 1400m straight up to Mt Fyffe
 Hil and Chris
 Mt Fyffe Hut
 Chris reaches the summit
 Kaikoura peninsula from Mt Fyffe summit--spectacular views
 Steep descent down the ridge
 Scree running
 Chris isn't impressed with the riverbed route down to Kowhai hut
 Crossing the Kowhai river

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