South Island Gallery / Tramping / 2007-12 Kahurangi Dragons Teeth and Paynes Ford  

 Limestone pavements and big holes in the track
 First view of the dragons teeth
 Thirsty work
 View from the boulder lake hut
 Boulder Lake Hut
 Looking back to boulder lake
 Good Ridges
 Descending to Adelaide Tarn
 Adelaide tarn hut overshadowed by rocky peaks
 Trident 'hut'
 Hut-bound at trident hut
 Storm clearing
 Descending into the bush
 Campsite for Christmas
 Festering on christmas afternoon
 The 'drunken sailor'
 Snow on the hills on boxing day
 Lonely Lake
 Tom and some spaniards - evil nz spiky plants
 More spaniards
 View into nowhere from lonely lake hut
 Lonely lake hut
 View back to lonely lake
 Looking back to the dragons teeth
 Hil on the rocky ridge towards fenella hut
 Historic huts on the walk out to Cobb resevoir
 Climbing at Paynes Ford
 The top swimming hole - the other one was better
 Cormorants or something
 Tom bouldering at separation point on the abel tasman track
 Back at Paynes Ford on New Years Day

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