South Island Gallery / Skiing / 2015-06 Kelman Hut and Tasman Glacier  

Paul and I skiied to Kelman hut for a few days of touring. There had been over 3m of snow in the previous week, but it had almost all blown away to the east on gale Westerlies, leaving a lot of icy terrain. Still good skiing, especially in the N facing bowl W of Mt Darwin. We tried to ski out before a storm hit (430mm of precipitation forecast in one day), and descended in the snow, then rain (turning the glacier ice to rivers of slush), then snow--30cm fell as we crossed the morraine. Glad to make it to Ball hut, especially as we had a long ski out to the village the next day!
 P1060697 First night ball hut
 P1060701 Tasman glacier morraine, we managed to ski some of it
 P1060702 On the snow and ice at last
 P1060720 Obligatory photo with Mt Cook in the background
 P1060722 Malte Brun
 P1060739 Storm clouds building as we head back to Kelman hut--another group had just managed to fly out before the storm
 P1060747 We were pleased how far we got the car up Ball hut road, but now it will be stuck there for a few weeks
 P1060751 Skiing all the way back to Unwin hut
 P1060758 SH80

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