South Island Gallery / Skiing / 2015-05 Muller hut-Barron Saddle hut  

Paul and Tom skiied from Muller hut to Barron Saddle hut. Out via Sladden Saddle and slightly exposed traverse around to Williams glacier, back via Muller glacier, then climbed from 1430m on the Muller glacier back up to the Annette snow plateau--straightforward climb and avoided having to walk through any morraine. Snow conditions were good even in May (skiied/skinned almost everything), but an ice axe was nice to have in a few places.
 P1060632 Skiied from 1400m on the route up to Muller hut
 P1060635 Digging out the door of Muller hut
 P1060637 first couple of days were mostly whiteout
 P1060641 An hour later the sun was out on Sladden Saddle
 P1060661 Mixed splitboarding
 P1060667 Exposed climb around bluffs to Williams glacier
 P1060677 Improv crampons
 P1060679 Descent onto Muller glacier
 P1060688 Down on the Muller Glacier--managed to ski all the way down
 P1060691 Hogsback clouds on Mt Cook--time to go home

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