South Island Gallery / Skiing / 2014-09 Skiing Cragieburns and Rolleston  

Paul and I spent the 2014 ski season in Arthur's pass--powder every day for 6 days! We skiied off the low peak of Rolleston, near Cragieburn skifield, and along the length of the Craigieburn range. Over 11km vertical in a week!
 P1050407 Awesome first tracks in Cragieburns
 P1050445 Paul climbing up the Otira Valley track towards Rolleston
 P1050447 Avo pit
 P1050452 Climbing Otira slide--we skinned almost to the summit
 P1050459 Low peak summit, High peak behind
 P1050480 Tracks down from Rolleston summit
 P1050512 Cragieburn traverse from Cragieburn road to Porters skifield
 P1050514 Cragieburn ridgeline--deep snow in places and none in others, but softening fast
 P1050522 Paul and Michael ready to bivi
 P1050523 Snow coffin
 P1050529 Michael climbing Mt Cloudsley
 P1050545 Final climb to Porters skifiels

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