South Island Gallery / Skiing / 2008-08 Mt Dobson  

 Mt Dobson pistes with 1m of fresh powder!
 Tom at the top of the lifts
 Petra and Thomas on the lift
 Petra having a lie down
 The back of Petra
 Tom squinting
 Backcountry skiing - Tom on the top of an unnamed peak
 Hil looking sylish
 More views
 Tom descending
 Tom looking laid-back
 Tom pretending he didn't just fall over
 Tom traversing
 Hil descends back to the ski field
 Hil forgets you need to lean back in powder
 Hil skinning up Mt Dobson
 Hil in another pile of powder
 Alternative descent to the access road
 Hil looking stylish again
 More virgin slopes
 Hil skiis badly down the road
 and into a tree
 End of the day

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