South Island Gallery / Road Biking / 2011-09 Cycle touring in North Canterbury  

A 2-day cycle tour from Waikari to Motunau Beach, along the coast to Gore Bay, inland to Cheviot, then over the Lowry Hills to Culverden. 175km, 2000m climbing. All on nice quiet roads except for the final Culverden to Waikari leg (too tired to take the scenic route by then). Download Google Earth KMZ file
 On the way to Motunau beach, just after being told by a local we were never going to make it to Gore Bay
 Hil at Mutunau beach
 IMG 1841
 IMG 1844
 Lots of sheep
 Bridge at Hurunui Mouth
 IMG 1849
 IMG 1851
 IMG 1853
 Cathedral Cliffs at Gore Bay
 Nice campsite at Gore Bay
 IMG 1861
 IMG 1863
 Hil never wants to see another lamb ever again
 IMG 1866
 IMG 1868
 IMG 1869
 Into the Lowry Hills
 Middle of nowhere road through the Lowry Hills
 Summit of Lowry Hills
 IMG 1876
 Route Map

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