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We spent 3 days mountainbiking the Heaphy track - it was great! We biked in from Kohaihai (Karamea) to Gouland Downs hut, getting there just on dark after 9 hours biking. Day 2 was an easy day, a day trip to the Aorere shelter (near the top of the final descent to Brown hut) and back for a second night at Gouland Downs. Then on day 3 we headed back to Kohaihai, enjoying plenty of fun downhill on the Mackay to Lewis hut section.
 The start at Kohaihai
 IMG 1623
 The track started along the coastline
 Nikau palm groves
 IMG 1633
 The art of taking your bike across a swing bridge
 IMG 1635
 IMG 1636
 IMG 1637
 Powelliphanta carnivorous snail - watch out
 More bridges
 IMG 1645
 High plateau of the Gouland Downs
 IMG 1648
 IMG 1650
 Day 2 a trip from Gouland Downs hut to Aorere shelter
 IMG 1653
 IMG 1655
 Tom at Perry saddle hut
 Tom getting in a bit of extra downhill
 IMG 1660
 Back across the downs to the hut
 Hil by cave creek
 Tom exploring caves near Gouland downs hut
 IMG 1667
 IMG 1669
 Chilly rivers at the start of day 3 heading back to Kohaihai
 IMG 1673
 Early morning mist on the downs - we set off at 7am as we had a long way to go
 IMG 1678
 Lots of mud
 The tough uphill was much more fun on the way down
 Hil falling off
 IMG 1690
 IMG 1693
 Washing the mud off the bike and me in the Heaphy river
 Soon got muddy again though
 Tom trying out the bike racks at Heaphy hut
 Heaphy river mouth
 Heaphy beach
 Semi-rideable sand
 IMG 1711
 Rocks thrown over the path by the waves
 IMG 1715
 Great beaches on the coast track
 Relaxing on the beach
 IMG 1718
 More nikau groves
 IMG 1724
 Crossing the Kohaihai river
 The end - we are back at Kohaihai after 3 amazing days riding
 Bonus ride to the Oparara arches
 Limestone cave at Oparara
 Tom in the cave
 IMG 1732
 Looking straight up at the arch
 IMG 1734

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