South Island Gallery / Mountain Biking / 2011-02 Banks Peninsula  

Awesome 2-day mountain bike tour of Banks Peninsula, including 4800m of ascent. Download our route in Google Earth...
 Looking back on our route up from Little River
 Tom at the top of the Bossu road
 Hil on the Bossu Road
 First views of Akaroa harbour
 Descending to Wainui Bay
 Last summit on Saturday before heading to Okains Bay
 Looking back to Okains Bay
 View into Okains Valley
 The metropolis of Chorlten
 Summit Road after ascent from Little Akaloa
 Descending to Pigeon Bay
 Heading to Port Levy
 Heading to Port Levy
 Final summit on the Port Levy - Purau road
 Final descent into Purau Bay

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