South Island Gallery / Mountain Biking / 2009-11 MacKenzie Country  

We did the 3-day tour through MacKenzie country from Burkes Pass, over MacKenzie pass, over Hakataramea pass, to Kurow (good pies!), up the Waitaki to Benmore Dam, up and down the pylon road, and back accross the plains. 235km, headwinds most of the way, awesome ride though. Gravel roads with hardly any traffic.
 Tom on his way up MacKenzies pass
 Top of the first pass
 Climbing slowly to Hakataramea pass
 Hil on Hakataramea Pass
 Hil and Benmore Dam
 Steep Pylon road
 River crossing
 Drinking water
 Idylic campsite by Lake Benmore
 First pass the next morning
 Second pass, 800m above the lake now
 Tom at Black Forest, 50km into a headwind to go

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