South Island Gallery / Holidays / 2015-08 Tonga  

Hil, Tom, Jess and Thor went to Tonga to escape the winter, learn to dive and swim with whales! A week on Vava'u and a week on 'Eua.
 P1060846 Arriving in Vava'u
 P1060850 Ne'afu waterfront
 P1060851 Opening coconuts
 P1060852 Local fish and veggies for dinner
 P1060855 Lerning to dive
 P1060865 Shallow dive
 P1060867 Jess and Thor snorkelling
 P1060869 Coconut cocktails
 P1060872 A sea pig
 P1060874 A day cycle touring around all of Vava'u
 P1060876 I wonder if these roads join up
 P1060877 Awesome hire bike with 3 working gears after I'd fixed it
 P1060878 NE coast
 P1060882 Sit-on-top Mafana island
 P1060885 More coconuts
 P1060887 Ferry to 'Eua
 P1060889 Pack of dogs greeting Hil as we arrive at 'Eua, they're just waiting until we leave so they can rip our tent open to get at our food
 P1060894 'Eua beach
 P1060897 Tramping on 'Eua
 P1060901 Banyan tree
 P1060907 Tramping to remote Lokopu beach, following the thin blazed trail through the rainforest
 P1060909 We made it!
 P1060919 Snorkelling at the SW beach, it is very shallow
 P1060927 Tramp to Fakatave beach

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