South Island Gallery / Cycle touring / 2015-02 Cycling XC from Oamaru to Queenstown  

I went cycle touring from Oamaru to Queenstown--almost 500km on minor roads across central Otago. Lots of big climbs and bleak moorland. Most places selling food were shut by the time I got there!

Route: Day 1: Alps-to-ocean for 25km, Dansey's pass, stayed in Ranfurley.

Day 2: Lake Onslow, XC on backroads and paper roads to the Knobby range coach road to Alexandra.

Day 3: Clyde, Hawksburn road to the Nevis road, over to Nevis crossing, up the Nevis to Garston ski hut (welcome stop when I was knackered and wasn't going to make Mossburn in the light).

Day 4: I planned to ride to Walter peak and catch the ferry (TSS Earnslaw) over to Queenstown but I was too knackered so I took the easy option of the Kingston cycle track and SH6.

 P1060015 Mini apples
 P1060016 Dansey's pass
 P1060019 Yep
 P1060028 Near Lake Onslow
 P1060038 There's a lot more rideable backroads up around the Nevis than I though
 P1060040 Garston ski hut was a welcome place to stop. Peanut butter for dinner. At least it wasn's a cold night!

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