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We did the Mawson Trail in South Australia, from Blinman on the edge of the outback down to Adelaide (with a short-cut on the bus halfway down). About 750km. Trail notes here (water, shops, temperature, etc.).
 Starting from Parachilna
 IMG 2537
 First of many emus
 IMG 2546
 Parachilna gorge
 Brachia Gorge
 IMG 2555
 IMG 2557
 Heyson trail hut (good water source day 1)
 IMG 2560
 IMG 2562
 IMG 2565
 Short walk near Wilpena Pound
 Mary's Peak
 Cool geology near Wilpena Pound
 IMG 2576
 IMG 2577
 IMG 2579
 IMG 2585
 IMG 2588
 IMG 2589
 IMG 2595
 IMG 2598
 IMG 2604
 Camping in the Northern Flinders
 IMG 2610
 Bouldering at Warren Gorge
 Warren Gorge
 IMG 2618
 IMG 2619
 IMG 2624
 IMG 2625
 IMG 2626
 Checking out the singletrack at Melrose
 IMG 2629
 IMG 2631
 IMG 2637
 IMG 2639
 Biking through the Clare Valley
 Tom hard at work
 More work at Jacob's Creek
 Campsite near Birdswood
 Avoiding a day of cold and wet weather in Lobenthal
 Adelaide downhill race on the Cudlee Creek trails
 Descent into Torrens Gorge and to Adelaide
 Back at work near Adelaide

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