South Island Gallery / Cycle touring / 2010-09 Queensland Cycle Touring  

 Starting the trip in Mt Mee national park
 IMG 0797
 Maybe a cane toad but we didn't squash it in case it wasn't
 IMG 0804
 Enjoying tourist sights of Woodford
 IMG 0810
 First of many gum forest campsites
 Glasshouse mountains
 IMG 0817
 IMG 0818
 Heading off down a scenic backroad
 Which got muddier
 And smaller
 And a few mud holes
 We are lost, but not about to retrace all those steps!
 Lookout over the glasshouse mountains
 IMG 0830
 And they were right
 Looking back down
 IMG 0837
 Wonderful rainforest
 Panniers don't stop Tom trying out the skate park
 IMG 0844
 Walking in Noosa national park
 Beaches near Noosa
 IMG 0854
 IMG 0856
 Sunset from the campsite at Noosa
 We kayaked up the Noosa river and to this inland lake
 IMG 0860
 Swimming at Noosa campsite
 Beach walk at Boonooroo
 IMG 0872
 Campsite at Boonooroo
 Night sky at Musket Flat
 We take the back road from Musket Flat, against the locals' advice
 A Goana lizard
 Typical landscapes
 IMG 0894
 View across Paradise Dam lake
 Flooding from the Paradise Dam
 More scenic back roads
 IMG 0910
 IMG 0913
 This sign was pretty accurate too
 Dangers of going shopping when you're very hungry
 This one's for Vince
 Rest day at Cania Gorge national park
 IMG 0924
 IMG 0925
 IMG 0926
 IMG 0929
 IMG 0931
 Bigffot at Cania Gorge
 Feeding the birds at Cania Gorge
 Rainbow Lorokeets
 IMG 0949
 IMG 0954
 This is what happens when you follow signs to Misfortune Road
 Still on Misfortune Road, it's going dark
 Deep fords on Misfortune Road
 Wondering what is round the corner
 IMG 0965
 IMG 0966
 Campsite at Agnes Water our most Northerly point
 Feeding the Fish at Lady Musgrove Island
 Lady Musgrove Island at the Southern end of the Great Barrier reef
 IMG 0979
 Black Noddys on Lady Musgrove Island
 IMG 0985
 IMG 0988
 IMG 0989
 The turtles were very cool they swim reeeeallly slowly
 IMG 0995
 IMG 0997
 IMG 1000
 Whale spotting
 A whale blowing
 Arriving back at Agnes Water
 IMG 1014
 IMG 1021
 Sand biking in Deepwater national park
 IMG 1026
 Deepwater Creek
 Arty photos of the paperbark swamps
 IMG 1044
 IMG 1045
 Last gumforest campsite
 IMG 1048
 IMG 1051
 Cycling past huge fields of sugarcane
 Carefully crossing a condemned bridge
 Kangaroo and it had a Joey
 Last beach campsite at Moore beach near Bundeburg

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