South Island Gallery / Cycle touring / 2009-08 New Caledonia Cycle Touring  

 Start here... Noumea airport
 First evening and first swim
 Tom 1 Coconut 0
 Tom tests his climbing skills
 First col on our way across the main mountain chain to the East coast
 We visit a tourist attraction - petroglyphs on the rock
 Campsite under coconut palms - be careful where you put the tent!
 Campsite beach at Thio
 There was a nice coral reef and lots of fish in the sea
 Waterfalls as we head from Thio to Canala
 It's a one way road - alternate directions on alternate hours
 All good except it has a big col and took us more than one hour!
 Hil at the col
 Campsite near Canala
 Heading into the unknown as we leave Canala
 The map seems to have a bit of a blank in this area
 We reach Kouaua, Hil admires the nickel coneyer, but where are the people or shops
 We decline to stay in Kouaua and continue on our way
 ...eventually camping in a random layby when dark comes!
 Next morning the road goes up and up - this hill was not on our map
 We reach the col at around 800m, our effort rewarded with great views
 We can see back down to the coast
 We ride past the red earth of the nickel mines
 After a long descent it's time for lunch on the beach
 Our only rainy day, we find a sheltered spot for lunch by the river at Ponerihouen
 Hil's turn to attack a coconut, a machete would make this easier
 Tiakan campsite provides a fare (kanak hut) to hide from the rain
 Tiakan campsite
 Colourful scene as we head north under blue skies
 East coast views
 The port at Tuoho had four boats in
 Tom picks me a coconut, the green ones have the sweetest milk
 Better than an energy drink!
 Views out to the islets
 90km later we're happy to reach Hienghene
 Impressive black limestone rock formations
 Hienghene provides another lovely beachside campsite
 The campsite has views of the rocks
 And another coral reef for snorkelling
 Hil and the Hienghene rocks
 Tom crossing the river at Hienghene
 There were mangroves growing in the river
 Tom and more cliffs
 More rocks
 Tom and a totem pole
 Lunch at a cafe in Hienghene
 Heading north again
 We wait for the road to arrive in Ouaieme
 We chug slowly across the river
 Road on the way to Puebo
 We leave the highway and head on dirt roads around the Amoss peninsula
 The northern point of our trip, we admire the views before turning south
 Heading back towards Ouegoa
 After 200 easy km on the bus, campsite at Plage de Poe under a banyan tree
 A walk on the beach at Plage de Poe
 More beach views
 Tom relaxing on our rest day at the beach
 Hil cooling off in the river
 Riding somewhere between Bourail and La Foa, we have been lost for several hours and don't yet realise
 Tom checks our the paddling options
 We really can't pretend we are on the right road now...
 Colourful market at Noumea as we enjoy a couple of relaxing days at the end of the trip
 Tom and the parakeet fish he caught at the fish market
 This port is a bit busier than the one at Tuoho
 Yachts at the marina
 Ma Kwa sculpture in the part at Noumea
 Beach at the Baie de citrons
 We enjoy the parakeet fish for dinner on our last night in Noumea, well deserved after 880km in total

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