South Island Gallery / Climbing / 2015-11 SE ridge of the Warrier  

Climbing the SE ridge of the Warrier, the highest peak in the Armory range (up the Rangitata), with Ben and Jack. Nice line linking a series of couloirs up the ridge, with just enough snow left in November to avoid the choss. We descended the SW face and the Billy McCoy stream--the river crossings/canyoning here was not too hard, but would be hard in higher flows. Likewise the fords on the Clyde. We had 75 cumecs on the Rangitata gauge.
 P1070231 Checking out the Clyde crossing
 P1070238 Awesome work borrowing the 4WD Jack, cheers Andrew
 P1070242 Time for us to walk, 45 mins to the Sinclair from here
 P1070246 Ben and Jack and Amazon peak
 P1070248 Awesome biv up the sinclair
 P1070254 Afternoon entertainment at the biv
 P1070256 Pitch 2 of 7, just as it is starting to get light
 P1070261 Jack charging off on pitch 3, linking short couloirs all the way
 P1070263 Good pro all the way
 P1070270 Ben and Jack reach the top of pitch 4
 P1070283 The Warrier
 P1070286 Ben and Malcolm peak

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