South Island Gallery / Climbing / 2015-09 Mt Speight  

Mike and I climbed the SE face of Mt Speight, a mountain up the Waimak near Arthur's Pass. Possibly the hardest alpine climb I've done! Overall it was a fairly relaxed 3 day trip though, with tea breaks en-route. The approach up Harper creek and the steep snow slope to the ridge is easy. We descended the spur between Harper creek and Greenlaw creek, which was ok to descend, but the bush would be a bit thick to ascend through.
 P1060951 First view of the climb when walking up the Waimak
 P1060955 Boulder-hop up Harper creek
 P1060960 Climbing the steep snow slope out of Harper creek
 P1060963 View from the campsite
 P1060966 Not quite an alpine start
 P1060973 Pitch 1, mixture of frozen snow and variable quality ice

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