South Island Gallery / Climbing / 2015-09 Mt Hutton  

Mike and I biked and snowshoed up the Cass river, near Tekapo, to check out the South face of Mt Hutton. It wasn't in condition so we climbed on the ice in Ailsa creek instead. Photos by Mike and I.
 Bike up the Cass
 Camp on the glacier
 Deep snow climbing to Mt Hutton glacier camp
 P1060995 Packing to bike up the Cass
 P1060999 Easy here, but gets much harder snowshoing up Mt Hutton
 P1070004 Climb to Ailsa Stream, ice is on the bluffs in the photo centre
 P1070009 Fat ice at Ailsa creek
 P1070013 Descent route from belay anchors
 P1070017 S face of Mt Hutton is on the right
 P1070019 Back down the Cass, before heading off for the Symphony on Skis

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