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Five days at Twin stream with Jess and Thor. Some of the best climbing I've done in NZ!

Mostly semi-bolted slabs. 2 x 50m ropes worked well. Scariest moment was when a kea attacked my belayer! No snow left in March, and didn't see any rockfall all week.

The kea spent the nights screaming and trying to shred our tents. We took everything down and buried it under rocks during the day. Next time I'll be under the bivi rock 200m up the hill---dry and big enough for about 3 people.

 P1060245 Real climbers walk-in
 P1060247 Alone for a week
 P1060248 View from the campsite
 P1060268 No dehy food on this trip
 P1060270 Lamb chops
 P1060289 Jess sets off up Moonrise
 P1060315 Tom on Pulp Friction, trip highlight
 P1060323 Shindig Gully
 P1060328 Still not convinced it is a 15 and Jess is still on route
 P1060389 This was the 'bad weather' day
 P1060399 Looking back at Moonrise-Pulp Friction linkup
 P1060400 Tahr herd
 P1060416 Instant noodles (my contribution) with cured dog and sauteed carrot
 P1060427 Time for the kea to call all their mates to come and destroy our camp in the night
 P1060469 Jess on Peanut Slab

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