South Island Gallery / Climbing / 2014-07 Ice climbing at Wye Creek  

Ice climbing at Wye creek with Paul. We skiied in from Remarks skifield and camped at the head of the cirque, which is good for accessing the easy climbs but further from the main areas. Awesome rock hard water ice, I wish I'd sharpened everything first!!
 P1050252 Looking accross to Blue Velvet (2)
 P1050253 Easy climb close to the path down (2)
 P1050255 Warm-up climb in Paul's gut area (3)
 P1050269 Awesome-looking climbs in the Main area, this is a thin year apparently
 P1050274 Climbing at the Left side
 P1050291 Hard moves around solid water ice bulges
 P1050294 I climbed this! Until I ran out of screws and made an anchor around an icicle
 P1050313 Weather turning northerly and warming up, time to head back

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