NZ Topo GPS coordinates

NZ Topo GPS coordinates is free software for converting a mobile phone's GPS coordinates into the coordinates used on LINZ NZ topo maps (NZMG49 and NZTM2000), so you can use your phone's GPS to find your location on a paper map.

It runs on "normal" mobile phones with GPS (e.g. the Samsung B2710 pictured). It should also work on any mobile device which has a GPS and supports Java 2 ME (e.g. some smart phones and SatNavs).

Install by downloading directly to your phone from

Free. Based on C code for coordinate conversion from the LINZ website, and the Location API. Download J2ME source code.


Install on Samsung mobile phones:

  1. Select Applications > Games and More > More games.
  2. Select Options > Enter URL, then enter
  3. NZ Topo GPS coordinates will appear in the list of applications.


Please email me () to report bugs or provide feedback. Good luck!